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FPGA-based solutions

Winning in an evolving market

With proFPGA’s prototyping technologies, we help our customers meet the speed and performance requirements in ASIC prototyping. We enable the highest possible speed for software application execution, thereby reducing the time needed to integrate hardware and software. By improving time-to-market for new innovations, our customers catapult ahead of the competition.

proFPGA capabilities and offerings

Design cycles in FPGA-based ASIC prototyping can be complex, due to the array of software required when designing a high-performance and low-power device. 

The proFPGA product family offers a complete and modular multi-FPGA solution, which meets the highest requirements for FPGA-based prototyping. 

Clock distribution

Blazing fast connectivity

Clock-capable I/Os allows the feeding of clocks to each connector from extension boards to compensate delays for high-speed interfaces.

Clock distribution

8 global system synchronous clocks are efficiently distributed throughout the system to facilitate new clock signals generation.

FPGA mixing technology

proFPGA software can manage various FPGA configurations, even a mix of FPGAs from multiple vendors.

Best-in-class scalability and maximum capacity

The highly scalable system can support up to 9 duo or quad motherboards, with a maximum capacity of 1.08 million ASIC gates.

Designed for high performance

Compact design, 100% point-to-point connections and support for differential I/O standards and many more.

Why Dana Labs + proFPGA?

With in-depth specialization and a focus on execution, the Dana Labs and proFPGA combination is uniquely positioned to guide clients in specific implementation, tailoring each journey to your precise needs.


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