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Singapore, Malaysia   |   Engineering

We are currently looking for a dynamic, talented and innovative individual to be part of our team to develop FPGA-based solutions. Positions exist for design engineers interested in FPGA firmware design, embedded software, digital and analog design. Experience of VHDL, Verilog, C/C++ and Matlab would be very valuable.

Singapore, Malaysia   |   Engineering

We are looking for an adaptable and innovative candidate with a strong passion in computer vision to join us in creating FPGA-based computer vision solutions. As a computer vision engineer, you would apply computer vision research alongside machine learning primitives to solve real-world problems for our client companies. You would work closely with FPGA design engineer to facilitate the implementation of novel embedded architectures on FPGA.  

Singapore   |   Sales

We are looking for a candidate who can leverage on technical knowledge to engage with customers and support Dana Labs solutions. Dana Labs offers a range of solutions to cater to customers across multiple industries, because we believe that FPGAs and ASICs are essentials to bridge the hardware and software approaches in sectors ranging from IoT, VR, and AR. Come join us to improve the visibility and exposure of the technology, and power the technologies of tomorrow. 

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